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22/1/24 HOME: Added update box.

11/2/24 ABT. ME: Added Kins and Yunuses.

15/2/24 HOME: Added Webamp. CHARACTERS: Redid the Characters page.

Well, duh, stupid, you click on the links! I put them there just for you... Try to keep up, man... Ever heard of a blog before? Eh? An... about page? That's what I thought. Now get outta here. Nah, I'm just playin' around. You can stay, I don't mind. You can even read this text, if you want. Or this one. Or maybe even... this one! Haha! You're reading it.. Nerd! ... Ok. I'll be serious. You can read my blog, check out my collections, read about my story or take a look at some of my drawings. And more! This website is under constant construction.

Why a Website? (Trademark) (Copywright) (Whatever the R symbol means)

I'm writing this late at night, so it's hard to articulate my thoughts. Here are some words... Creativity. Freedom. Customisable. Like, not, like.. focusing on, like, numbers, or like, whatever. Fun. Expression. Connection. Community. Or Individual. Choices. Choices. Everything is your choice... Now make a website. That's the only time you have no choice. You will make a webiste nowwwwww.... Oooooooo..... i am a ghost

What's up with these guys? Oh. The robot one is me. And the spinning guy is Lepi. You'll find him on the Cultcraze page. Have fun!

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